Best Place for a Sweet Treat - 2023 South Lake Business Awards
12 contenders in this category.

Sugar Mamas Candy Bar

Come experience our signature candy beverages , freshly spun cotton candy (with a secret twist!) and so much more to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth!

Beans & Bubbles

Beans & Bubbles is a community-minded, neighborhood drinks & eats shop that brings people together and adds a little magic to their day.


Our donuts are made hot and fresh to order as our customers watch through our window. We offer a wide variety of seasonal sugar toppings choices at time of ordering. Our most popular toppings include cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, fruity pebbles, Oreo, and rainbow sprinkles. Freshly squeezed lemonade available in 7 fruit flavors (Original, Strawberry, Peach, Mango, Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry).

Teamont Boba

Here at Teamont Boba we believe in serving quality boba tea drinks that are extremely rich in flavor - Teamont prides itself on offering authentic fresh tea and fresh toppings, including our perfectly cooked tapioca pearls, to our customers everyday. We never compromise with the quality of our ingredients. Bobatea, sometimes referred to as bubble tea, is our specialty and we are excited to have our customers enjoy a cup of our delicious tea.
Best Place for a Sweet Treat